How it works: read before starting

Welcome to the Teen Talk training resource.

Teen Talk is a training resource which will help you to improve your knowledge and skills in working with young people with language disorders. It is separated into chapters. Chapters One to Three contain training tasks for you to work through, and Chapter 4 contains resources which may be useful to you: links to further support, strategies which you may be able to use, a glossary of terms we use in the training materials, and a list of references which we use within the training package.

A downloadable overview of the Teen Talk chapters and their learning outcomes may be found here.

On the home page you will find a brief introduction to the site along with an introductory video: please watch this video for instructions on using the site. Once you have done so, please click on the ‘Teen Talk Chapters’ button to begin.

The training materials are divided into three chapters. You may work through the chapters in any order you choose.

Once you have selected a chapter, watch the introductory video and then select the level appropriate to you, whether Introductory or Advanced. In each chapter you will find four or five video clips to select, identified by participant name, communication area, or topic area. Please work through these at your own speed and in any order you choose: you do not need to complete one in order to progress to the next.

Each video clip has structured tasks for you to work though. The site gives you the instructions you need to complete the task. Downloadable pdf forms are provided for you via the different task pages, to record your answers; you may download them to your computer (once downloaded, it is possible to add your responses by clicking the ‘fill and sign’ option in your pdf reader, then clicking and typing in each question space) or you may prefer to print them out to complete manually. Most of the tasks are followed by feedback from the research team: these are not ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers, but provide useful information for you to consider in relation to your own responses. When you reach the end of each set of tasks, you have the option of viewing our feedback in pdf form: you may download or print them for your records and for future reference if you choose.

The site is designed with flexibility in mind. As you work through the tasks, you may wish to refer to previous sections.

If you have any difficulties or questions about the materials as you work through them, please contact the Teen Talk team using the contact form here.