Chapter 3 Introductory Level: Friendships

Young people discussing their experiences of friendships.


Watch the video clip below. In the video clip, several young people discuss their friendships and their experience of friendship. The video clips are from a number of young people who have responded to a question asking them to tell the interviewer about their friendships, such as ‘what do you like to do with your friends?’.

The young people in the clips attend a specialist college for young people who are unable to access education within mainstream education. This may be important as it is likely that these young people will have had unsettled backgrounds and are likely to have experienced difficulties fitting in in previous mainstream education settings. If you work in a mainstream education setting, you may work with young people whose experiences are not as extreme as those discussed here.


As you watch the video clip, you may wish to work through the following questions:

  • Are the comments generally positive or negative?
  • Do any themes emerge?
  • What do the young people say is important about their friendships?
  • What impact do you think speech, language and communication needs may have had on their experiences of friendships?

You may find some useful resources to help you with your answer here in Supporting Materials.