Chapter 3 Introductory Level: College

Young people discussing their experiences of college.


Watch the video clip below. In the video clip, several young people talk about their experiences at college. The video clips are from a number of different young people who have responded to a question asking them to tell the interviewer what they think about the post 16 years college which they currently attend.

The young people in this clip attend a specialist college for young people 16 years and over who are unable to access education within mainstream education. This is important because these young people may be likely to have had more negative experiences of mainstream school in the past, and also because the college they are discussing provides specialist provision which may be unavailable to students in a mainstream college. You should bear this in mind while watching the clips if you work in a mainstream setting.


As you watch the video, you may wish to work through the following questions:

  • What themes emerge about the young people’s experiences at college?
  • How do their college experiences seem to compare to their school experiences?
  • What factors do you think have influenced their experiences?
  • Is there anything which you now think is important that you can incorporate into your work to improve young people’s experiences?

You may find some useful resources to help you with your answer here: Supporting Materials.